Ending Poverty

There is a saying that if you give you give a person a fish to eat then you would have fed them for a day–but if you teach them how to fish, then you feed them for life. Well some people out there in the world know full well how to fish–they just need the money to buy a fishing pole to lift themselves out of poverty.

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With Kiva.org, loans from different lenders across the Internet are able to reach entrepreneurs halfway across the globe. Through these loans they are then able to not only meet the needs of their families but also lift themselves a little bit out of poverty (no matter how incrementally). The beauty of the system is that lenders are able to invest in a fellow human being (with a face and a story) and help out immensely without having to donate to charity. Lenders get their money back and entrepreneurs are given the chance to go compete, little by little. And as lenders, we are able to affect change not as shareholders in a multibillion conglomerate but rather as a shareholder in someone’s dream to survive and live. And being part of the human race, we help ourselves when we help those around us.

One sticking point held by many in this country is that immigrants from other countries (especially the poorer ones) come over here and use up the resources of this rich nation. All their tax money, they think, are going down the drain. Well, one of the main reasons people leave their countries and go here is because of the opportunities available here that is lacking in theirs. It is our opinion then that if people here really are so averse to immigrants coming over and using up precious tax dollars, then it makes fiscal sense to invest in poorer nations and make sure that its citizens prosper so as not to become so envious of this nation’s opportunities that they come over here. Even from a strictly monetary viewpoint, the policy of investing in other countries make sense.

But in a more human sense, investing in human capital is a lot more rewarding than the bottom line of any balance sheet. Lending to fledgling entrepreneurs is a win-all situation. It empowers those with limited opportunities and emboldens those with some means to try and change the world.

Here at Pifbs.com, our goal is to be able to loan to a different entrepreneur at least once a day once we have expanded our team to include more people. Everyone in the team is then held accountable by this shared vision when it comes to handling our finances wisely. Our compounded potential must be realized and in order for us to be able to do that, we ourselves need to be more financially responsible with our money. Then with a full team of financially independent individuals, we truly believe that we can make poverty a thing that exists only in parables and tales from the past.

In our lives, we all have been given a helping hand when we needed it and now it is our turn to give a hand up to someone else. It is our turn to give opportunities to those in need. It is our turn to lift up others. It is our turn–It is our time.


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