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How To Choose a Reputable Debt Settlement Company

Last month, we explored the different methods that people can begin to eliminate their existing debt.  While it’s true that many people are drowning, there is still hope and there are many companies out there that can kick-start someone’s journey

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Jumping On the Bandwagon

A few weeks ago we talked about timing our moves into the market to coincide with the moves of wise men. And so we said that we will try to not buy into the highs of the stock market and

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For other stuff it’s easy. It is easy to find motivation to get out of debt because the prospect of not having to pay any more credit card bills is like winning the lottery. And motivation for investing is almost

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Journey of 1000 Miles: Part I of III

Confucius is a wise man.  He said that no matter how long a journey will become it always begins with a single step.  This is the same attitude that we need to take when it comes to our own personal

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Show Me Yours and I’ll Show You Mine

A few days ago an acquaintance asked me how much I made. That question instantly brought my guard up and I looked at her askew and deflected the question with some clever remark. I will never find out if it

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Running On A Financial Treadmill

Except for the first two months of every year, enthusiasm for exercise falls toward the bottom of most peoples to-do list.  And financial fitness? That does not even make it on the resolution list and people seem to be totally

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